Outback Iron Woman

Do you have what it takes to be an Outback woman working on the land? 5 days of gruelling events – here’s your chance to ‘test your mettle’ with a series of Iron Woman events with a distinctly Outback flavour. Long Waterhole event will definitely test you!



Day 1:
Competitors will undertake a challenge of strength, agility and speed in transferring rural equipment over a measured distance.

Day 2:
Competitors will test their skills in agility and speed while navigating their way through the Long Waterhole watercourse.

Day 3:
Competitors will take part in a Farmer’s Carry challenge which will test grip, upper body and leg strength as well as mental toughness.

Day 4:
Competitors will undertake two challenges today.  The first will be an 8km marathon.  The second will involve flipping a loader tyre end-on-end over a measured distance.

Day 5:  
The final challenge will require competitors to push a 4WD vehicle over a measured distance.

Prize money up for grabs!

Full event program details coming soon.

Eligibility: Competitors must be aged 16 years or over



Outback Festival Winton 2015