Truckies Reunion

Be entertained by the truckies who put their master trucking skills on display. Who will be crowned the “Oldest Working Truckie” at the 2017 Truckies Reunion?

The ninth ‘Truckies Reunion’ will be held on 23 and 24 September at Outback Festival.

On Saturday 23 September from 9.30am at the western end of Elderslie Street, see the truckie’s backing competition, a truck pulling competition open to men’s and ladies’ teams and a show ’n’ shine open to vintage/heritage and modern day trucks nominating in the Grand Parade Spectacular.

Truckies and members of heritage truck associations are invited to be part of the festivities and visit Winton’s Diamantina Heritage Truck and Machinery Museum.

On Sunday 24 September from 8.00am, a Truckies Breakfast will be hosted to showcase vintage and veteran trucks and machinery, plus photographic and memorabilia exhibitions.

Prizes for the ‘Oldest Working Truckie’, ‘Furthest Travelled’, ‘Most Consistent Truckie’ attending the reunion.

Proudly sponsored by Cummins, NTI Roadteam, Haulmark Trailers, IOR Petroleum, GT Radial, M&S Mitchell, and Mack Trucks.

Truckies Show & Shine – sponsored by NTI & NTI Roadteam.