True Blue Aussie Sports

Are you a True Blue Aussie Sports star? Test your skills across 10 top Aussie events at every Outback ‘watering hole’ in Winton!

Wednesday 25 September 2019


Bound to bring out the ‘troo bloo’ in you, this hilarious event is an individual competition, but you will need to complete the course in groups (bring your own or join a mixed group).  Up to $700 in prize money, including the Best dressed group prize!


1.  Golf – Winton Golf Club: Contestants have 3 shots to putt a golf ball on the sand greens.
Scoring: Hole-in-One = 30 points;  Hole-in-Two = 20 points;  Hole-in-Three = 10 points

2.  Football – Winton Rugby League: Contestants have 3 attempts to kick the football into the goal.
Scoring: Three successful goals = 30 points;  Two successful goals = 20 points;  One successful goal = 10 points

3.  Marbles – Winton Hotel: Contestants have 3 shots to remove 1 marble from the centre of the ring – knuckle down and no fudging.
Scoring: Contestant marbles in 1 shot = 30 points;  Contestant marbles in 2 shots = 20 points;  Contestant marbles in 3 shots = 10 points

4.  Pool – TBA: Contestants have 3 shots to pot the black ball off its spot.
Scoring: Pot the black ball in 1 shot = 30 points;  Pot the black ball in 2 shots = 20 points;  Pot the black ball in 3 shots = 10 points

5.  Darts – Winton Club “Go for the Ton”: Contestants have 3 darts each with the best dart to score.
Scoring: Dart lands in Bulls Eye = 30 points;  Dart lands inside treble= 20 points;  Dart lands inside double = 10 points

6.  Cricket – Tatts Hotel: Contestants have 3 bowls at the stumps on a full length pitch.  No pitching.
Scoring: Hat trick (3 wickets) = 30 points;  Two successful wickets = 20 points;  One successful wicket = 10 points

7.  Basketball – North Gregory Hotel: Contestants have 3 shots to basket the ball.
Scoring: Three successful baskets = 30 points;  Two successful baskets = 20 points;  One successful basket = 10 points

8.  Bowls – Winton Bowls Club: Contestants have 1 bowl to Jack.
Scoring: Contestants within 1 foot of jack = 30 points;  Contestants within 2 feet of jack = 20 points;  Contestants within 3 feet of jack = 10 points

9.  Cow Pat Discus – Matilda’s Mall (Main Street): Contestants have to throw 3 cow pats over a measured area with the best throw to count.
Scoring: A throw of 20 metres = 30 points;  A throw of 17 metres = 20 points;  A throw of 14 metres = 10 points

10.  Troo Bloo Roo Poo Final – Matilda’s Mall: This event will be at approximately 5pm.  Contestants with scores that come within the first group of points will be eligible for the final. Finalists will be required to blow ROO POO from a blow pipe to see whose wind has held out best during the day.  Each finalist will have 3 blows and the aggregate for each will determine placings.   Minor True Bluer:  The person who has earned the most points in the 10th event only (The Troo Bloo Roo Poo Final) is the Minor True Bluer and will receive a prize of $150 cash.


Highest 25 scores receive $10 cash each
Minor True Bluer (Troo Bloo Roo Poo Final only): $150 cash
Winner of the True Blue Aussie Sports (across all 10 events): $300 cash
Best Dressed Group: $100 cash per team

Proudly sponsored by Local Hotels & Clubs.

1. Nominations close 6th September 2019.
2. Judge’s decision is final – no correspondence will be entered into.
3. Competitors must be aged 18 years or over.
4. Entry fee is $10 per person.
5. Maximum of 10 per group.
6. Please go to Festival Office (in Elderslie Street) for final briefing from 9.00am.

REGISTRATION:  Registrations coming soon

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