Environmental Policy

The Outback Festival is a biennial festival held every odd calendar year in September, in the historical Outback Queensland town of Winton.This unique festival is known for its wide variety of quirky Aussie events, plus a carnival atmosphere that draws past residents back to Winton to reminisce with friends and family as well as attracting and welcoming city and country families alike from intrastate and interstate who enjoy the 40-odd events over 5 days and nights.

Our Commitment

The Outback Festival has a reputation for putting on an amazing five days of entertainment in Outback Queensland. The festival team believes that hosting a large event in the Outback doesn’t mean neglecting the environment in which it operates. We recognise that running the Outback Festival has a direct impact, both positive and negative, on the environment. We aim to operate a sustainable event by reducing the negative environmental impacts and leaving a positive and lasting legacy for the local community. We will encourage our sponsors, partners and the community to join us in this effort.

Our Environmental Goals

We aim to reduce our environmental impact in the following ways:

Transport: promote the use of bus transport between event venues to limit carbon emission and minimise traffic congestion.

Recycling: all aluminium cans are recycled and given to the local school as a fundraiser, all toner cartridges from the office are recycled, office paper no longer required is shredded and given to the local community to use as garden mulch, brochure printing is limited so there is no excess waste.

Noise pollution: ensure loud amplified music is turned off by midnight and loud speakers do not face directly into neighbouring houses, music is scheduled to incorporate breaks to reduce stress on local wildlife and local communities and also to save energy and increase the efficiency of energy use at the event.

Land conservation: events are staged in areas that avoid native vegetation with the exception of the Outback Ironman events that are staged at Long Waterhole. The use of this site is kept to a minimum so that the native fauna and flora is not significantly disturbed. The site is kept clean and returned to normal as much as possible after the event.

Water management: free drinking water is provided and festival participants are encourage to bring reusable containers to fill up rather than buy bottled water. Signage is placed in all ablution blocks to inform visitors that the Winton water comes from the Great Artesian Basin and is a precious resource for the outback and should be conserved at all times (especially during times of drought).