Volunteer BBQ

(Behind every great event…is an even greater group of Volunteers!)

Volunteers come from all over Australia to assist event coordinators during the five days and most of them have been coming back each Festival. There is never a dull moment in our small country town and for those of you who wonder what there is to do, the answer is… plenty. Volunteers are always welcome at Outback Festival.  It’s  a chance to be involved in an awarded community event. Our Volunteers are recognised for their efforts and are treated to a Volunteer Party at the end of the Festival, a free ticket to the Australian Dunny Derby Day event, as well as a shirt, stubby cooler, cap and a thank you letter.


Volunteer RacesWe will open volunteer applications for 2019 event in early 2019.

To register your interest and be notified once applications open, please email [email protected]