Volunteer BBQ

(Behind every great event…is an even greater group of Volunteers!)

The Outback Festival is organised by a non-profit organisation run by a small group of Volunteers, committee members and a full time coordinator. Over the years the event has grown from strength to strength and pressure is placed on the volunteer committee. Volunteers help with a range of jobs at the event.  Many of our Volunteers come from all over Australia to assist event coordinators during the five days and most of them have been coming back each Festival. Two of our Volunteers have been coming back for the last twenty years and enjoy the great experience and the chance to make new friends. There is never a dull moment in our small country town and for those of you who wonder what there is to do, the answer is… plenty.

Volunteers are always welcome to join the Outback Festival and it’s a chance to be involved in an awarded community event. Our Volunteers are recognised for their efforts and are treated to a Volunteer Party at the end of the Festival, a free ticket to the Australian Dunny Derby Day event, as well as a shirt, stubby cooler, cap and a thankyou letter.

The Outback Festival in Winton, although established thirty-eight years ago, has not grown middle aged. So much of its vibrant youthful enthusiasm has been retained. It has grown from a small local celebration to one whose unique Outback event has caught the eyes of Asian print, TV journalists and attracted radio interviews with London’s BBC.

The skills, tenacity and humour of outback dwellers are highlighted in events and competitions which also reflect the history of our wide outback region. The experience of attending Winton’s Outback Festival intrigues visitors and draws family and friends back time after time.

Volunteer Races

Volunteer applications are currently closed. We will open applications for 2019 event in about February 2019.

To register your interest and be notified once applications open, please email [email protected]